Deep excavation hole with green sewer line

From tree root invasions to corroded materials, there are a number of issues that can prevent your sewer line from functioning properly. However, sewer lines are a crucial part of your property, and malfunctions can cause extensive damage or even lead to serious health issues. To protect your home or business, it’s critical that you contact a professional immediately if you suspect that your sewer line is damaged and in need of repairs. 

If your sewer line news work, you can count on the experts at Grade Werks Excavating! Thanks to our years of experience serving homes and businesses throughout the Clark County WA area, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service. Our team is well-versed in local codes and regulations to ensure your project will be a smooth process, from start to finish. To get reliable and affordable sewer line repair or replacement services, contact us today and get your quote!

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Repaired

It can be easy to forget about your sewer line until there’s a major issue. However, overlooking the warning signs of a breakdown could result in extensive property damage or serious health risks. To protect your home or business from a sewage system failure, it’s crucial to watch for these signs that your sewage system needs repairs:

  • Foul odors near sewer lines, similar to sewage or rotten eggs
  • Patches of extra long or green grass above your drain field
  • Frequent backups or blockages throughout your drainage system
  • Pools of standing water or indentations in your drain field
  • Pest problems, particularly in your basement or near sewage lines

When to Replace Your Main Sewer Line

Many property owners hesitate to invest in sewer line replacements, especially when repairs are enough to keep the system functioning. However, there are a few situations where it may be more economical and practical to replace your main line: 

  • You’re renovating or selling your property: Replacing your sewer line is a great way to raise your property’s value, making it a valuable investment if you plan to sell your property in the near future. Similarly, large renovations may require a new plumbing configuration, which makes remodels a good time to replace your current system.
  • The sewer line was improperly installed: If your sewer line was not originally installed correctly, you could deal with serious and persistent malfunctions that jeopardize your health and damage your property. Some mistakes could even violate state law, putting you at risk of hefty fines. In this situation, a full replacement is often the best solution.
  • The pipes are significantly damaged or corroded: From tree roots to heavy rusting, there are a number of issues that can leave your pipes vulnerable to bursting or leaking. To avoid the property damage or health risks associated with a sewer line breakdown, it’s best to completely replace your system as soon as possible.
  • Your system is using old materials: Most sewer lines are built using clay, cast iron, or PVC. Clay systems tend to last between 50-60 years while cast iron typically lasts around 75-100 years. PVC is the most modern and durable material, often performing wonderfully for over 100 years. Systems made with materials other than these are at a high risk of breaking and could put you at risk of serious health issues, so they should be replaced as soon as possible.

It can be challenging to determine whether you should repair or replace your sewer line. Thankfully, you don’t have to make the decision by yourself. At Grade Werks Excavating, it’s our goal to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most educated decisions possible. To speak with a professional about your sewer line, give us a call today!

Your Local Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Experts

For all of your sewer line repair and replacement needs, you can count on the experts at Grade Werks Excavating! Having served homes and businesses throughout southwest Washington for years, our highly trained team knows how to navigate state and local regulations and terrain conditions to ensure a seamless project with a successful outcome. We will pinpoint the root cause of your main line problems, and we’ll use our expertise to implement a cost-effective solution. To get started, contact us and get your estimate today.