New green sewer line being installed at the bottom of a narrow trench

When it comes to sewer line installation projects, quality workmanship is key. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a premature breakdown that leaves you with costly repairs, property damage, and health risks. To ensure your sewer line is properly installed, turn to the experts at Grade Werks Excavation!

With years of experience serving the Clark County WA area, we are familiar with local regulations and weather patterns that may impact your project. Our highly experienced team is committed to providing you with exceptional workmanship, so you can count on a seamless project and good results. Just give us a call to get your estimate!

What to Expect With Your Main Line Installation Project

At Grade Werks Excavating, we strive to take the mystery out of sewer services. Throughout your installation, our skilled technicians will discuss each step with you to ensure you are always in the loop. During your project, you can expect our team to:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of your property
  • Determine if you are a good candidate for trenchless excavation
  • Obtain any necessary plumbing or construction permits
  • Calculate the ideal length, height, and slope of the pipe
  • Lay the bedding using traditional excavation or trenchless methods
  • Meticulously install the pipe section by section for quality assurance
  • Backfill and compact the soil if necessary, to prevent future settling
  • Perform final inspections and ensure compliance with local codes

Comprehensive Sewer Line Installation Services

A complete sewer system involves more than just underground piping. To create a system that works for your space, we can help with all aspects of your sewer including:

  • Main line installation
  • Manhole installation
  • Sewer laterals
  • Live sewer taps

Why Work With Experienced Contractors?

Installing and connecting a brand new sewer line can be a costly process, which causes many property owners to consider doing the project themselves. But when it comes to sewer line installations, it’s best to work with experienced contractors who know how to provide you with great results now and into the future.

Even small mistakes during the installation process can leave you with expensive or dangerous problems that you may not notice until months down the road. From slow leaks to complete collapses, imperfect workmanship could cause big messes and major repairs. Investing in professional services will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner while giving you the peace of mind that your system is built to last.

Your Local Sewer Line Installation Experts

Ready to upgrade your property with an efficient and long-lasting sewer system? You can count on the experts at Grade Werks Excavating in Clark County WA! Our highly trained team of contractors bring years of experience to each project, and we are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship that you can depend on for decades to come.

It’s our goal to provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions that will keep your system functioning flawlessly well into the future. To get your estimate, just contact our team today!