Because brick is such a strong and durable material, it can be challenging to get rid of during a demolition project. If you have unnecessary brick on your property that you want removed, contact the team at Grade Werks Excavating! We offer brick crushing and recycling services to home and business owners throughout southwest Washington. With years of experience and a specialized brick crushing machine, we can handle the job in no time – all while making your project greener and more affordable. Want to get your personalized quote? Give us a call today!

Advantages of Brick Recycling

Though brick is made of clay and other natural materials, it can take well over a hundred years to break down even in the harshest conditions. Despite its long lifespan, millions of tons of brick end up in landfills each year as a result of demolition and construction projects. One of the best ways for construction companies to reduce their environmental impact is to recycle and repurpose old brick that would otherwise be tossed away. 

Along with increased sustainability, brick recycling can also lead to serious cost savings. Brick is a heavy material that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to haul, and most landfills or junkyards charge large disposal fees for construction waste. Grinding the brick to be reused in different building products will help you avoid these extra charges. Not only that, but you also get the satisfaction of helping create low-cost building materials that can be used for future projects.

How Does Brick Crushing and Recycling Work?

On your end, brick crushing and recycling will look like any other construction waste disposal job. Our team will arrive at your property to haul away the brick, taking care to keep your space clean and undamaged. Once we’ve collected the debris, we will feed it into our brick crushing machine to be ground up into tiny pieces. After we clean and sort the pieces, we’ll repurpose the brick to make products that can be used for things like:

  • Landscaping features
  • Mulch substitute
  • Ground cover for yards
  • Powder for sports fields
  • Driveways
  • New bricks

Fast and Affordable Brick Disposal

If you’re clearing your property and need to get rid of old brick, get in touch with Grade Werks Excavating! We can handle jobs of any size, from small retaining walls to full brick buildings and beyond. It’s our goal to exceed your expectations every time, so you can count on us to deliver an exceptional customer experience and seamless project completion. No matter how much or how little brick you need removed, we will take it off your hands and give it a new life. To get your estimate, contact us today!