Construction waste removal can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to! The skilled team at Grade Werks Excavating offers quality asphalt crushing and recycling services to make the process faster, easier, and more affordable. Whether you have a small pile of shingles or a large demolished parking lot, our team will remove the debris from your property in no time while helping you avoid stressful hauling and disposal fees. Ready to clean up your site? Give us a call to get your estimate!

Why Get Asphalt Crushing Services?

Asphalt crushing and recycling services are an excellent way for contractors to minimize their environmental impact. According to the Department of Transportation, roughly 11 million tons of asphalt ends up in landfills each year. By recycling the material, you can reduce this staggering statistic while helping to create low-cost building products for future projects.

In addition to sustainability, asphalt recycling services can also significantly reduce your project costs. Asphalt is a heavy material that can lead to huge trucking and disposal fees, especially if you have a lot of waste that needs to be removed. By crushing and recycling the debris, you can avoid these extra costs and save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How Does Asphalt Recycling Work?

Asphalt recycling works by pulverizing the material into smaller pieces that can be used to create aggregate building materials. After removing the debris from your space, our team will feed it into our asphalt crusher to break it down. Once fully cleaned and processed, most of the asphalt pieces will be used to create reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) for use in highways and parking lots. Anything that doesn’t make it into RAP is typically turned into roof shingles and other similar products.

Fast and Affordable Asphalt Crushing

At Grade Werks, it’s our goal to make your projects faster, greener, and more affordable. That’s why we are proud to offer asphalt crushing and recycling services to handle your construction debris quickly and with care. Our skilled team will remove the asphalt quickly while keeping the rest of your property clean and undamaged, and we will transform any usable material into new products that can be used for future projects. To schedule your service or get a estimate, contact us today!