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Underground Utility Services

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Comprehensive Underground Utility Services

Underground utilities are an essential part of any commercial property. Whether you need repairs to your current system or are looking to install a completely new one, the team at Grade Werks Excavating has you covered. Our experienced team is committed to delivering long-lasting workmanship and a seamless project experience. We offer a full range of utility services for commercial and light-industrial properties, including:

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Sewer Line FAQ

The signs of needing a sewer line repair or replacement are pretty evident, if you know what to look for. This might include water fixtures like the toilet or sinks gurgling, backing up, or struggling to drain. If you’ve noticed this, as well as mold on the walls and an increase of pests, it’s likely time to repair your sewer line.

Sewer lines can be damaged through a variety of factors. It could involve blockage from things like grease and sanitary wipes, or anything else that shouldn’t be flushed down a drain. At the same time, though, outside factors like tree growth, soil composition, and extreme weather can also damage your sewer system.

When calculating the cost of a sewer line replacement, we take into context the technique of extraction and the length of pipe replaced. You may expect to pay a few hundred per linear foot, but you can always give us a call to get a more precise quote! 

When you replace the sewer line of your commercial property through Gradewerks, you can enjoy a business safe from flood damage as well as health complications. You’ll enjoy better water quality without risk of contamination or pollution, allowing you to work easier and more effectively.

Seamless Commercial Projects & Quality Workmanship

Providing exceptional results and great customer service is the core of what we do here at Grade Werks Excavating. That is why our experienced team strives to deliver quality workmanship while staying on time and within budget. From the very start of your project, you can expect clear communication and meticulous attention to detail. Since we own an extensive inventory of heavy-duty equipment, we are able to complete commercial projects quickly and efficiently while exceeding your expectations.

Your Local Underground Utility Experts

For superior underground utility services, turn to the experts at Grade Werks Excavating! With years of experience serving business and industrial owners in southwest Washington, we are very familiar with local regulations and environmental factors that could impact your commercial project. 

We bring a wealth of knowledge to every project and strive to facilitate open communication every step of the way, so you always know exactly what is going on with your project. Whether you’re designing a totally new utility system or repairing an existing one, our team is prepared to deliver workmanship that you can rely on for years to come.

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