I just bought land, now what?

Empty plot of land prior to development

Congratulations on purchasing your new property! Buying land is the first exciting step toward building your dream home. Now that you are a proud owner of raw land, you are probably thinking about the next steps. Mainly, how to transform this rough and rugged piece of property to a new home for your family. 

Before your contractor can begin building your new home, you must prepare your new property with land clearing, grading, and sloping services. If your build site is relatively flat and free of vegetation, the land preparation stage may be quick and easy. However, if your site is heavily forested or sloped, the preparation stage may be more intensive. Preparing your land for your new home might seem overwhelming but with the help of Grade Werks’ professional Excavation Services, your property will be ready to build in no time!

Land Clearing

The first step in preparing your property to build a home is to pick out your build site and clear the land. When choosing a build site for your future home, you should consider several factors such as: 

  • Slope of the area
  • Sun location
  • Privacy from neighbors
  • Driveway location
  • Which trees to keep

Before building, the site you have chosen must be cleared of all brush, trees, and large boulders, including digging up and removing all stumps. This ensures your home is built on solid ground. Land clearing can be a big undertaking depending on the property and requires heavy machinery to pull up stumps and move boulders. 

Grading and Sloping

After clearing your land, the next step is to grade and slope your build site. Your contractor will work with an engineer to plan the grade and slope of your site using the topographical survey and geotechnical report. Grading involves flattening the build site to provide you with enough clear space to build the foundation of your home. While grading, the excavation company will also slope the site to direct stormwater away from your newly built home. 

The process of grading and sloping is one of the most important steps in land preparation and requires expert workmanship. Poor grading or sloping of your build site can cause future issues with flooding, erosion, and damage to your home or landscaping.

Choosing a Professional

Building a new home is an exciting but daunting time for many people. Preparing your land for construction can seem overwhelming, but partnering with Grade Werks Excavating LLC will make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Choosing the right excavation company is crucial to ensure your home site is properly prepped. An experienced team will not only save you time and stress, but they will also prepare your property for long-term success. You won’t have to worry about problems like flooding, erosion, or property damage later on down the road.

At Grade Werks Excavating LLC we take pride in going above and beyond for our clients. Our top priority is to provide you with exceptional residential excavation services and expertise. We strive to maintain clear communication with you throughout every phase of your project to make sure you’re getting the results you want and deserve. If you have purchased your land and are ready to prep your site for construction or are looking for more information, contact our team today!